RV Storage Tips

Battery Care
Protect your investment with a trickle charger or battery tender.  Most RV’s have a built in charger that far exceeds the minimal drain when stored.  It is designed for keeping the battery charged while the RV is in use at a campground.  Using a low power battery tender is the best way to protect your battery when storing for over 30 days.  Using the on onboard electrical system for charging can shorten your battery life.

Parking for extended periods of time on concrete can leach some of the oils and waxes out of your tires.  Open and covered parking spaces are on asphalt which minimizes the concern. Many of our enclosed spaces have painted floors that reduce the effects.  We can supply tire pads for parking on concrete if desired.

Dump the water when storing.  Use our onsite dump station and potable water, or save the weight and fill up at your destination.

First Trip of the Season
If you’ve been storing for over a month, come by a day or two before your trip and do a quick inspection.  We have potable water and a 50 amp circuit for your use while prepping your rig for the next trip.

The facility is enclosed with gated access, onsite management and video surveillance. Supplement that security by locking your RV.  For boats and trailers we recommend a lock on the hitch as well. Keep valuables out of site.

Heat Sensitive Items
The sunshades and garages do a great job of protecting from the elements, but it still gets hot in San Antonio.  If you have items that you don’t want exposed to the heat, we have a limited number of indoor climate controlled storage lockers near the office. It’s a great place for items you want stored inside without the hassle of taking them home.